This is my personal website thing.

I use it to share and archive things that I like or care about, and retain knowledge about important things ranging from computers to cooking.

If you find an issue with anything, want to suggest things, or you just want to chat, feel free to poke me on Twitter as @Dergnz , or add me on Matrix as @anthropy:m.derg.nz . I also have a Mastodon instance since recently.

Aside from this personal frontpage, I host various services for friends, family and people I care about on my servers, this includes things such as Mastodon, Matrix, Gitlab, Nextcloud, Seafile, and so on. I might one day make this a public service, but for now it’s not nearly in a professional enough state for me to resell these services. If you have any questions, or you found any issues, please do contact me on one of the above platforms; I’m always open to improvement and new ideas :)

About me:

I’m a dragon guy/person working in the IT industry in the Netherlands.

I’m currently employed by a certain large search engine provider to work at one of their largest datacenters in EMEA. I can’t say too much about the content of my job, but suffice to say it includes hardware, scripting and programming, leading teams, teaching people, safety and health, and many many more things across the responsibilities you find at a datacenter.

Besides my job, I love building my own things in my spare time ranging from hardware to software to completely IT-unrelated things; I like to cook, I like growing my own food and interesting plants, I like to work on cars (although I don’t have much space to do so at the moment), and I like to build other types of hardware and prototypes to see if things work (e.g repurposing a dishwasher as a heating/cooling system, my own solar panel arrays, etc). I hardly play games, and if I ever do it’s usually ((space)construction) sandbox games, although I’m always open to suggestions!

Furry stuff

If you ever wondered about the ‘furry stuff’: I’ve considered myself part of the fandom for around 16-20 years, and there are many aspects to it that I love!

  • I enjoy writing stories and building worlds. If you’re curious, ask me to take you to one of the many places and let you explore, I’m happy to play text based (role playing) games and show you around in my universe. I don’t have much of a public repository of this stuff at the moment, I had a more extensive wiki at some point that I may restore, but due to the artistic nature of this stuff it’s often very hard for me to look back at my old stuff and actually like it, so maybe I’ve been working on a new one, and I might create an image gallery of miscellaneous older things for reference at some point perhaps.
  • Friends and friendship is definitely one of my favorite parts of the fandom; there are so many (types of) people, every one of them unique and unafraid of exploring themselves. I like to think that one thing all furries have in common, is the desire to be unique rather than conforming to society, giving rise to very unique and awesome people that can give you refreshing perspectives on life, all the while being generally friendly and open, as long as you are too!
  • I love art and commissioning art, there are many amazing artists in the furry fandom that can put down really unique pieces, it is really a very alive part of the community and I think it’s beautiful to see artists having such a wholesome place to hang around in. I think I might set up an image gallery on this site at some point to properly show off the pieces that I’ve gotten across my dozen or so characters and the stories that they’ve been in.