A simple chicken curry recipe


  • chicken (diced), as much as you like. can also replace with tofu or vegetarian alternatives
  • celery spiced stirfry oil
  • curry spices
  • add vegetables/mushrooms/filling (almost anything goes! try experiment with what you like! I used a premade mix of green beans, cauliflower, bell peppers, corn, peas, potato bits and champignon mushrooms)
  • once that’s baked a little, add coconut milk until it’s saucey
  • add more curry spices (tumeric, laos, djahe, etc)
  • add loads of ground pepper (chili and black is what I usually use)
  • add garlic (I sliced a garlic to pieces + garlic powder)
  • optionally add other spices (nutmeg or basil or petersil etc can be nice depending on your taste)
  • gently boil on lowest heat for a while
  • make microwave rice in the mean time
  • combine and feast